Photo by Dawne Wright

Photo by Dawne Wright

What is Pathfinders?

The Pathfinder program is a Christian Organization for young people grades 5-12. Today, there are more than two million Pathfinders worldwide. Youth learn to share and care about others as they become involved in community service projects and go on short-term mission trips.

At a Pathfinder Club meeting, young people learn skills that help them to become leaders within their communities, schools and churches. Skills in household arts, crafts & hobbies, health science, nature, outreach, recreation and vocation are taught. There are many different areas, in which a youth has opportunity to serve, such as: dental, medical, optical, building projects, cleaning up a community or helping with Vacation Bible Schools.

Though Pathfinders is an organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, one need not be a church member to become a Pathfinder. Youth can feel proud of belonging to a group that encourages and helps them to be the most caring people they can possibly become.

Meadow Glade Pathfinders Mission Statement

The mission of Pathfinders is to: 

  • Work for the salvation of each individual Pathfinder
  • Train pathfinders for witnessing and missionary service, and to help them become leaders
  • Help Pathfinders to understand that the church loves, cares for, appreciates, and needs them
  • Develop an appreciation for nature and a concern for the environment
  • Assist Pathfinders to develop a balanced physical, mental, social, and spiritual life
  • Teach Pathfinders skills and hobbies that will make their lives meaningful and productive.

For more info and for how to join Pathfinders, please contact Taylor Kielman at 360-901-8566.

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